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Apple considering drones to improve its Map service

Apple is reportedly assembling ‘a team of robotics and data-collection experts’ which will be working with drones to update Apple Maps   In a bid to improve the navigation abilities of its ‘Maps’ app, Apple now plans to use drones to get more information for its product. According to a …

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Fake news detector plug-in developed

As pressure mounts on firms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to do more to tackle fake news, some are taking things into their own hands. Technologist Daniel Sieradski has developed a plug-in - known as BS Detector - that flags up "questionable" websites on Facebook and Twitter. The plug-in …

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Pocket-Size Device Lets You Print from Anywhere

A new mobile robotic printer that is only a little bigger than three stacked hockey pucks will enable people to print anywhere and on any size page of paper. Smartphones, tablets and laptops make it easy for people to work on the go, but traditionally, printers have been cumbersome to …

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