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Hackers Turn Tesla Into a Brain-Controlled Car

"Oh it's turning. Brake! Alright, we're scared but we're good." The Tesla Model S had only gone a few feet, rolling mostly straight from one empty spot in the parking garage to another. The driver wasn't actually behind the wheel, though. He sat in the passenger's seat, donning an EEG …

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The Top Ten Honeymoon Spots in the World

No honeymoon spots are quite the same as they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the couple would only need to pick the most appropriate destination suitable to their collective personality. A beach getaway, a trip to the Alps, a safari adventure—these are just some of …

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Why You Should Aim to Go On Weekend Getaways

A full-time job should not hinder you from fulfilling your travel dreams. In fact, it should be a motivation for you. Now, before you go and use numerous excuses not to travel — not enough time, not enough money, the world is too scary and so on — it is …

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